Traditional leaders attacks Ramaphosa.

South Africa’s body of traditional leaders has lashed out at Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC for only prioritising them when it is electioneering time, treating them like overused teabags that the party throws away once they’ve won their people’s votes.

As reported by Times Live, the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) came out of their national executive committee meeting this past weekend with one resolution: The ANC must fulfil its promises or face rejection by its people on election day.

Contralesa demands meeting with Cyril Ramaphosa

Contralesa’s president, Kgosi Mathupa Mokoena, expressed his disappointment with the apparent distasteful treatment they have received from the ruling party over the years.

He likened the treatment they received from the ANC to that of a teabag, saying that it is shocking how easily the ruling party discards traditional leaders once their objective of winning the elections has been achieved.

Thus, Mokoena implored President Cyril Ramaphosa to avail himself for a specialized meeting with Contralesa to resolve all issues before election day. Failure to do so, he warned, would cost the ruling party dearly at the polls.

“Here we are being used like teabags which you throw away after using it … because we know that after elections this government will not be prepared to talk to us.

“We have declared that if the president does not meet us before the elections, we are calling a national general council of the coalition of traditional leaders in the country to give direction to our people about what is it that we want,” said Mokoena.”


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