Trapped Monkey Rescued: Verulam – KZN


Trapped Monkey Rescued: Verulam – KZN

A Vervet monkey was rescued after it was caught in a trap at a home on Buffelsdraai Road in Verulam – KZN today (Thursday).

An employee from the Ethekwini Municipality arrived at Reaction Unit South Africa requesting assistance to free the monkey that was caught in a trap on a residential property next to a reservoir where he had been working for the day.

RUSA Members proceeded to the location and upon arrival found the property secured with a concrete fence and barbed wire. The injured monkey could be seen trying to free itself from the trap.

Steve Smith & Carol Booth from Monkey Helpline were called to the scene and upon arrival Smith and a RUSA Member Devan Perumal climbed over the barbed wire and entered the property due to the homeowners being absent. The female monkey was found with a large fishing hook through her mouth. While trying to free herself the hook (picture 5) caused extensive injury to her mouth.

The monkey was freed from the trap and placed in a wooden box for her safety. Several meters of fishing line with approximately 50 large fishing hooks were found tied from one end of the property to the other. The entire trap was removed (picture 7).

It is believed that the trap was set by the tenant who is currently renting the property to trap a troop of monkeys who live the area. The SPCA was contacted and is looking to pursue criminal charges against the culprit.

The injured monkey was transported to a veterinarian for medical attention and will be released back into the area once she has recuperated.


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