Trump to protect White minority rights in SA

The white House is interested in the manner in which land distribution will be carried out without infringing minorities fundamental right of putting them in a disadvantaged position of dispossessing them of their rightful property

US Donald Trump earlier directed that the American government will be monitoring closely the ongoing land expropriation process in South Africa, but president Cyril Ramaphosa gave the assurance that white population are not under any form of attack.

The effort by the  international community appear to have apparently put the land issue into perspective.

For activist group AfriForum Trump’s intervention, following a Fox News show criticising the land reform plans of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s ruling ANC, signalled a job well done.

“The best possible outcome that we hoped for was for a statement by the president of the US, which we got,” Ernst Roets, deputy chief executive of AfriForum, said in his office in a quiet suburb of the capital.

The office walls display photographs of street protests by AfriForum, stepped up this year against land distribution plans and what it calls the targeted killing of white farmers.

In South Africa, no land has been seized and while violent crime is a huge problem, the vast majority of victims are poor and black. Of 20 000 murders in the last recorded year, 46 were white people killed on farms, according to police data.

AfriForum is an interest group representing some Afrikaners. It belongs to a wider movement called Solidarity, which has grown from a 100-year-old trade union into a sprawling and well-resourced organisation offering education, training and a range of other services in Afrikaans.

Ramaphosa’s vague pledge this year to pursue land expropriation without compensation to right the wrongs of apartheid has given new impetus to both groups, who have brushed aside his insistence that he will protect property rights.

Critics, including some prominent Afrikaners, accuse them of stirring racial fears at a time when Ramaphosa is trying to defuse threats of unrest from a far-left party.


2 thoughts on “Trump to protect White minority rights in SA”

  1. Liberal probably wrote this. Its easy to see you are trying to shift the focus.

  2. Is malema going to attack with spears? Surely he isn’t going to use the evil White mans guns, bullets etc. What a SMELLY hypocrit.

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