TV Personality Bonang Matheba faces arrest over alleged fraud

Following her multiple tax issue, a bench warrant was issued against Bonang Matheba.

South Africa celebrity Matheba has to present herself in the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court in Johannesburg other wise she could be  arrested.

She  is facing  outstanding tax evasion from 2008-2017 for personal tax, and company tax from 2014-2017, failed to present herself to the court at her last scheduled appearance on September 27.

According to  Charl Coetzee, Bonang’s Attorney who  told the court at the time that Matheba was in New York at a United Nations event and that she would be appearing at a Global Citizen event on September 29.

The legal representative committed an  undertaking that his client would definitely be in court on October 4. He said that when she was summonsed on September 10 she was in New York for New York Fashion Week.

At the time, National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Phindi Mjonodwane said: “A bench warrant means a warrant of arrest has been issued but in this matter it has been held over till 4th October due to the fact that the summons were not served to Ms Matheba personally. If she fails to appear on the 4th, the warrant will be effective. She is not special and will not receive any special treatment.”


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