Two cops among 5 heavily armed men arrested by SAPS in Fouriesburg Farm attack


Officials of the South Africa Police service averted a farm attack in Fouriesburg.

5 heavily armed men, 2 of whom are policemen, were arrested after receiving information about farm attack.

Quick-thinking police officers in Fouriesburg, Free State are being hailed as heroes after they successfully prevented a farm attack in a remote area of the community.

It’s understood that a group of five assailants were planning an armed robbery at a nearby property, before they were captured by the Police. They found the group near a farm, and managed to haul them aside and conduct a stop and search. The officers found a bevy of weapons and ammunition.

They are charged with conspiracy to commit an armed robbery, possession of unlicensed firearms and possession of ammunition without a license.

” Police spokesperson Sgt. Fikiswa Matoti said members of Bethlehem’s public order unit, as well as members of the dog unit, received information from their colleagues on crime intelligence about the group. “About 7am this morning they started the operation.
Vehicles were placed in specific locations for the roadblocks. They observed a suspicious vehicle and stopped it,” she says.

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The five occupants of the vehicle were arrested after a R1-shotgun, 15 bullets and a Norinco nine-bullet gun were found in the vehicle. “


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