Tyson Fury licks Deontay Wilder’s blood during fight

The Gypsy King delivered a stunning performance to beat Wilder by TKO in the seventh round.

Fury dominated from start to finish and it was no surprise when the fight was stopped.


Many felt as though the 31-year-old deserved to win the first fight but he was undone by Wilder’s devastating punches.

But this time, the American wasn’t given the chance to unleash his ferocious right hand.

Fury was all over him from the first round and the first knockdown arrived in the third.

Blood was spewing out of Wilder’s ear and Fury decided, in only the way that he would, to lick it off the American in the sixth round.

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What. Have. We. Just. Seen?
Oh Tyson. That’s quite grim. But there’s nothing like showing your superiority by licking your opponent’s blood.

“The king has returned to the top of the throne,” Fury announced after the contest.

“I want to shout out Deontay Wilder, he showed the heart of a champion. He got up and battled onto round seven. He is a warrior, he will be back and be champion again.”

Wilder has an opportunity to activate a rematch clause, so there could be a third-instalment.

But based on this evidence, he won’t want to share a ring with Fury ever again.


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