United States records the highest single-day death toll of 1,321


The US recorded some 1,300 new coronavirus deaths between Thursday and Friday, the highest single-day death toll reported by any country in the world.

The US saw 1,321 new deaths on Friday, according to statistics site Worldometers, which took the recording at 12 a.m. GMT+0 Saturday, or 8 EDT Friday.

A total of 7,392 people have now died of COVID-19 in the US, Worldometers said.

Meanwhile, according to Johns Hopkins University — which tracks global cases using different sources, including Worldometers — there were 7,159 US deaths as of Saturday morning. The exact number may differ as both sites record data at different times.

Many of the new US deaths took place in New York, the worst-hit state in the country. It saw 562 new coronavirus deaths on Friday, its highest single-day rise in deaths, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The record for the highest single-day death toll in the world was last held by Spain, which on Thursday reported 950 new deaths from COVID-19. Spain is the second-most infected country in Europe. Italy is the first.

Even at its peak, China — where the coronavirus broke out last December — officially reported 150 new deaths in a single day, on February 23.


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