University professor attacked with brick, as UKZN students escalate violence and mayhem on campus

The students appear to be on rampage, causing destruction and mayhem.

Chaos erupted at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) Westville campus on Wednesday protesting students blocked the campus roads leading into the university with burning mattresses and attacked a professor with a brick.

The students, protesting against paying 15% of their historical debt fought running battles with private security guards who tried to disperse them with an anti-riot vehicle.

However in some videos shared on social media on Wednesday, the students can be seen climbing on top of the anti-riot vehicles.

A professor became the latest casualty in the bitter dispute between students and university management on Wednesday. The professor, who was attacked is believed to be in his 70s and usually arrives at the campus early in the morning.

He was taken to hospital for treatment.

A staff member on campus said the professor was attacked by protesting students.

However, the staff at the campus are very anxious because they fear the university cannot ensure their safety, according to the staff member.

The staffer also said they were told they should try and continue to educate but students were not attending campus because of the protests.

“It’s a crazy situation,” the staffer said.

Metro Police Superintendent Boysie Zungu said students at the university were protesting, burning bins, but police, SAPS, Metro Police and campus security but they did not understand what their grievances were because on Tuesday they were protesting over NSFAS.

“We have deployed our members. The situation is under control. They will continue to monitor the situation,” Zungu said.

The staff member said management had said the professor was injured but his car was okay.

“Management is acting like things should continue as normal. There is no directive on whether the campus is open or closed. Instead, staff were advised they should attend campus but use alternative routes because University Road is blocked,” the staff member said.


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