Video: EFF members humiliated and bundled out of parliament

EFF members ‘brought to their knees’ at North West SOPA.

Two members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF); Papiki Babuile and Matshidiso Botswe, have been forcibly removed from the North West provincial legislature after Premier Job Mokgoro’s authority to deliver the State of the Province Address (SOPA) was questioned. Mokgoro’s authority was challenged on the basis that provincial government is under administration.

According to the African News Agency (ANA), Botswe was physically removed by five security officers after he defied Speaker Susan Dantjie’s orders to leave. He was seen outside bleeding from the nose and being assisted by paramedics.

After Botswe and Babuile were ejected, the Democratic Alliance (DA) staged a walked out, stating that the sitting was illegitimate.

The EFF have not posted anything on the matter thus far, however, a video posted by a former journalist Poloko Tau shows how they were thrown out.

Mokgoro continued with his speech, but Dantjie announced that members of the EFF were fighting outside the chamber and called the police to intervene. When journalists arrived at the scene, the altercation had stopped.

DA caucus leader Winston Rabotapi said Mokgoro was not fit to deliver the state of the province address by virtue of his office being under administration, as this effectively stripped him of his powers.

Dantjie ruled that he was allowed to deliver his speech.

Mokgoro touched on issues like service delivery, water and sanitation and housing. A lack of service delivery has been the cause of many violent riots and protests throughout South Africa.

Watch video below: 

When asked if Mokgoro addressed the issues at hand in his SCOPA, he said that he did not address it with “seriousness”.

Like others, he felt that Mokgoro did not address the state of the municipalities, for which many protests are currently taking place.

Mokgoro touched on municipalities that are under administration, saying they will remain that way for a further six months so he can make sure they are ready to stand on their own two feet. It is believed that 15 out of 22 municipalities are under administration.


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