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WATCH: Malema insist all South Africans and the entire continent must adopt and speak one language, Swahili should be the language of instruction

EFF leader Julius Malema has called for the continent of Africa to develop a shared language. He chose Swahili as the language to unite Africans and replace English.


MALEMA insist SA and Africa must adopt Swahili as the general language and official langauge of instruction in schools

Posted by News360 on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The government’s recently decided to offer Swahili in the school curriculum – maybe bringing Malema one step closer to his wish.

CIC Julius Malema at the #EFFMediaBriefing called for a language that unite Africans, suggesting that Kiswahili can be developed into a continental language.

Yesterday the inclusion of Kiswahili into the National Curriculum was announced.

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