Malema warns that White people must not be allowed to leave SA, else they will poison the land

Watch! Malema warns that  White people must not be allowed to leave SA, else they will poison the land

The controversial leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF Julius Malema has warned that White South Africans must not be allowed to leave the country, otherwise they will poison the land and render it unproductive.

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Malema says

Posted by News360 on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The CIC further noted that not all land will be expropriated from whites, but some and redistributed to those who know how to use the land for farming.

He reiterated that the land will not be free for all, that before anyone gets the land, there has to be a comprehensive proposal and feasibility study stating clearly what and how the farms will be used.

Malema encouraged whites to find a way and work with blacks, as they are important for a peaceful South Africa.

He joked that whites don’t have where to go as South Africa was their home.


6 thoughts on “Malema warns that White people must not be allowed to leave SA, else they will poison the land”

  1. Fuck this kaffir. We are coming for you Poes. And we will still poison the land. You fucking terrorist.

  2. What a joke comment coming from him

  3. FF. Hy haat die wittes, nou mag hulle nie die land verlaat nie. Asb. Wie is hy om vir my te sê wat ek mag of nie mag nie. Snotkop.

  4. is malema a teroriss or a peoples uplift or a one man show buseniss over south africa. Tel me what has he done for the people of south africa untill now The money in south africa what persentage is white and what is black. The south africa came in 1994 direct under black management and now in 2019 23 years under direct black management but when things go wrong ,its apartheid fault 23 years from born to fully upgraded human ,and still nothing has been done how many more years the blacks need to be able to run a county

  5. In saying that if forced out of S Africa whites will “poison the land”, Malema is indulging in doublespeak.

    Malema is talking arrant nonsense when he says that if a farmer, given a farm, persistently fails to be productive, he should be allowed time to get it right. The country cannot afford yet more incompetence. That’s what we are experiencing with the electricity and water supply. maintenance of infrastructure – all the factors that repel investment and job creation. Does Melama now want to add a food crises and have us all starving? This mentality is destroying the prospects of all South Africans.

  6. Hitler junior.

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