Watch man save baby swept by rampaging flash floods in Johannesburg

Emotional reactions continue to trail the rescue of a baby swept by flash flood in Johannesburg.

The Johannesburg man has received accolades and commendation  for his unusual bravery after he stepped in to rescue a child from rampaging flash floods in Gauteng.

It’s been established that the child was playing on a horizontal, metal pipe over the Jukskei River in Alexandra. However, that enjoyment soon turned to a bout of fear when the water swelled and left the kid stranded.

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Gauteng has been experiencing a terrible time with adverse weather conditions this week, as rain mercilessly lashed the province. The Johannesburg CBD was effectively underwater at one point, following an almighty downpour. It was during one of these storms that the youngster got themselves into a perilous position.

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However, our hero was unperturbed by the flood. He straddled the pipe and shuffled along to where the child was marooned. He then crawls in front and puts the distressed youth on his back. Clinging on for dear life, the child is slowly transported to safety by the rescuer.


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