Watch !!! SANDF officer narrowly escaped death in a military demonstration

Being a soldier is not child’s play, one wrong move and you can die. One man nearly lost his head, and his life, because he stood up as a mortar gun went off.

The video shows the gun shooting his helmet off of his head and his fellow soldiers and onlookers were left shocked at how close he came to dying.

The footage was posted on Facebook by South Africa Live on Tuesday and it has since gathered over 23 000 views. gathered no information on when or where the incident took place were provided and the video was simply captioned: “SANDF at it again.”

The footage shocked South Africans who gave their two cents’ worth on social media. Anthony Broderick commented: “Our asses would get a serious beating if ever we went to war.

” Letoy Ankiah wrote: “He never used his head and almost lost it.” Rushaan Daniels added: ”

He’l never be the Head of the SANDF.”

Thapelo Lord Herbalist Motabogi said: “we are going to die before the war starts,that’s an amateur move right there.”

SANDF at it again

Nearly lost your head mate!#SANDF

Posted by South Africa Live on Monday, March 25, 2019


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