Watch violent unrest, Burning of cars and houses in Zimbabwe

Unrest has gripped (Zimbabwe) today over a fuel price increase.

Reports indicates that thousands  of illegal Immigrants can cross the border into South Africa in the upcoming days due to unrest.


Unrest in Zim

Posted by News360 on Monday, January 14, 2019

Despite Zimbabweans owning  100% of the land, there is still a numbing  95% unemployment.

Poverty is now the order of the day in a once flourishing nation.

Two days ago, Fuel prices in Zimbabwe literally doubled overnight. From 08:00 this morning petrol costs about R45 / litre in Harare.

Zimbabwe now deals in bonds and US dollars because the currency finally collapsed. There is no employment, hardly anything to buy and nothing to buy it with.

The deplorable economic situation in Zimbabwe is getting even more critical by the day. Stack poverty now stares the majority of the people on the face.

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The country once had a vibrant economy, when agricultural investors where not arm twisted, their land taken away forcefully by the former regime in a bid to Redistribute land.

The truth about Zimbabwe is that it has regressed, back to that ancient poverty which has been the historical lot of mankind. As I’ve pointed out before:

“Roads are killing innocent citizens daily, hospitals are death traps without medication, we do not even have our own currency, and the recently introduced bond notes have failed dismally to curb the cash crisis. Companies continue to close and leave the country and many are loosing jobs, farmers are being terrorised by police when they want to get what they worked for which must contribute to the gross domestic product.”

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