Watch !!! ‘Whites don’t have any where to go’: Malema strikes again

Radical leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter has stated that whites don’t have where to go as South Africa is their home.

He used Zimbabwe as an example that when they sent parking from Zimbabwe they did not go to Europe, they still hung around looking every for means to go back to Zimbabwe

The CIC further noted that not all land will be expropriated from whites, but some and redistributed to those who know how to use the land for farming.

He reiterated that the land will not be free for all, that before anyone gets the land, there must be a comprehensive proposal and feasibility study stating clearly what and how the farms will be used.

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Recently, Malema and his supporters have had issues with journalist Karima Brown. She has received series of threatening messages from the party members.

Malema says

Posted by News360 on Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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