We thank Ramaphosa for the high oil prices, raising Vat to 15% and shrinking the economy by 2.2%

A social media user has expressed concern about the state of the nation under the leadership of the ANC. According to Nick Waves, We thank Cyril Ramaphosa for the high oil prices, putting up vat to 15% and shrinking the economy by 2.2%, the lowest in 9 years.we also thank Cyril Ramaphosa for the marikana incident and for comparing whites to frogs being boiled in hot water .

we Also thank the ANC the African National Circus for making all the department’s broke, protests and looting. We also thank the ANC for all the fancy cars they buy and the R20 000 shoes they wear and bringing some SA cities on the brink of collapse.

We also thank the ANC for a poor rand, high crime rate which had 445 838 people killed under the ANC administration compared to 21 000 people killed during the apartheid era according to the Human Rights commission. South Africa is so unsafe under the ANC administration that murders in South Africa are 29 times higher in Australia, 30 times greater than in Britain and 45 times higher than in Germany.We also thank the ANC for the 1 million illegal immigrants that have crossed our borders and Xenophobic Attacks. we also thank the ANC for poor healthcare such as ensidimeni 144 where 144 mental patients died due to neglect and the fact that only 5 of 696 hospitals were adequate in running. we also thank the ANC for poor education which is one of the worst in the world where you only need 20% to pass maths and 33.3% to pass other subjects.

We also thank ANC for making the water department broke, the electricity department Eskom broke, SABC broke and SAA broke. We also thank the ANC for the high taxes and etolls they brought us and for blaming white people and apartheid which was 25 years ago for all their mismanagement corruption and failures they have done. We also thank the ANC for the 28% unemployment , the highest youth unemployment in world, the 17 million people on social grants and only 5 million tax payers that have to pay for everything. We also thank the ANC for bringing Zuma that has 783 charges of corruption, a rape charge, has no formal education, can’t read or count, thinks a shower cures aids and spends your tax money on his house in Nkandla. We also thank Zuma783 for the 34 million rand Gupta wedding and for costing the South African economy 1 trillion rand under his administration .

We also thank the ANC for bringing the Guptas who brought state capture to the country and tried to shift the blame and attention on white people, by making a campaign called White Monopoly Capital which actually doesn’t exist and was made by Public Relations expert Bell Pottinger in London paid by the Guptas.WMC links is also a Gupta owned site spreading false propaganda about so-called White Monopoly Capital which was made by a Gupta relative by the name of Saurabh Aggarwal. Saurabh Aggarwal is a former IT specialist that worked for Gupta owned sahara computers , Gupta owned New Age News paper and now Gupta owned propaganda News channel ANN7 on DSTV.

We also thank the ANC for paying for Zumas legal battles which comes from us the tax payers money. We also thank the ANC for all the white farmers killings disabling the commando system which used to protect them and hiding the killings from mainstream news .

We also thank the ANC for making its voters believe they going to get free land because of the proposed land with without compensation in parliament which is a complete lie because the governemt is going to own your land, your property and your house and profit from it, because you going to be a permanent tenant to the corrupt ANC government.

We also thank thank the ANC by the fact that 9 out 10 land reforms fail because land is given to people with no capital and no skill and only get joy for having the land but not knowing what to do with it.So well done ANC you have done a heck of a job in 25 years since being in power. Viva ANC Viva to the African National Circus. Spread far and wide


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