Western Civilization Is Crumbling From Within: The Extreme Secularization Of Culture.

By Olakunle Allison


Western Civilization Is Crumbling From Within: The Extreme Secularization Of Culture.

A shocking new survey in the United Kingdom has revealed that 9 out of 10 young people (89%) aged between 16 and 29 feel that their life is meaningless and without purpose.

Across all ages that number is 80% while 55% of those over and above age 60 feel the same way. I might leave a link in the comment section for your study.

Something is happening in the West and it would in my view eventually signal the beginning of the end of that Civilization. I say “the West” because this is not just happening in the UK. It is the entire Europe and Americas combined. The West is losing her future. By this I mean her youths because most of them do not see a purpose and meaning to life. This is now a statistical fact!

If this was just statistics it would be merely another information. But this is more than just information. It holds grave consequences. In my opinion, this is the consequence of extreme secularization of culture; a culture that is increasingly becoming anti-God and pro-atheism; a culture that espouses and embraces a neo-Darwinian view of morality and life where life at its core is an accident or fluke of nature. This is the narrative the academia and think tank in the West have sold to its young and the consequences are glaring for all to see.

A few days ago, two young men aged 21 and 24 respectively in different American States showed the entire world what happens when people don’t see any purpose and meaning to human life. Both young men, by the way, belong to the demographic captured in the UK Survey (in their 20s).

The 21 year old fully armed with an automatic weapon walked into a Walmart Mall in El Paso, Texas and fired randomly at defenseless and unsuspecting shoppers. He murdered 22 in the carnage with dozens fatally wounded. He later surrendered and was arrested. Interrogation shows that he remains unfazed and unrepentant.

About 13 hours later, the 24 year old fully armed with automatic weapons and having not less than 250 rounds of bullets walked into fun seekers close to a nightclub in Dayton, Ohio and fired randomly at the crowd. He murdered 9 people in the process including HIS OWN SISTER! He was later gunned down by the police.

Think about this for a minute. These are young men in their early 20s who obviously see no inherent moral worth and value in human life. They felt no restraint in gunning down total strangers including a sibling. The question now is why?

You see, the lazy and convenient excuse (as many are already wont to say) is to blame the guns in America. Blame it all on gun proliferation. But that would be a very lazy response. There is something deeper going on here. America since 1776 has been a gun nation. The right of citizens to bear arms did not begin 100 years ago. That right is almost as old as the country itself. So blaming guns now is a very lazy and frankly anti-intellectual response or argument.

I think the recent Survey from the UK gives us a hint of what’s going on here.

The West is losing its Judeo-Christian root which for ages had been an anchor for existential purpose, meaning and HOPE! Western culture has evolved a more nihilistic and atheistic view of the world. What this inevitably leads to is the belief that Man being a creation of nothing from nothing has no inherent moral worth and being irredeemably flawed needs to be saved from himself. In other words, we may need to destroy Man in order to save Man from Man and also save Nature from Man. People who believe this actually exist and they might be forced to sometimes take extreme measures.

You might be surprised that both young men in their own heads would think they were doing humanity a favour by killing those they considered to be humanity’s problem. It’s called “a Purge”. Some call it “Ethnic Cleansing”; like a sacred act of service to humanity. It is similar to what the Nazis did to Jews; get rid of SOME in order to protect and preserve THE BEST. Only a nihilistic and atheistic view of the world could lead to this thought pattern. Unfortunately, this is the snapshot of the West at the moment.

There’s no way you’d have a Judeo-Christian worldview and espouse such murderous ideas. The reason is because in that worldview ALL HUMANS have inherent moral worth and value because they are created in the image and likeness of God. In that worldview, hope is central to and necessary for life. In that worldview, purpose and meaning are rooted in knowing and acknowledging your Maker. Outside of Him, you are lost. And since there is a void inside that must be filled and you are left to your own devices, you may give yourself a purpose; a mission that does not pass any objective moral standard but meets your own ideals of what life should be. This is how terrorists are made.

In the same UK survey, 45% of those surveyed thought that they would have a better life if they had better finances. This is another error.

Money cannot satisfy the craving of an empty soul. Children of billionaires commit suicide. Billionaires too commit suicide. Nothing for now suggests that both young men in America were lacking for money. Remember the young Nigerian bomber who almost succeded in blowing up an American airline (Mutallab something)? He is a son to a billionaire. Terrorists and murderers are not necessarily lacking finances. Living a life of purpose has little to do with finances. It’s a craving of the soul rather than of the flesh. That’s why no amount of money could stop a suicidal patient or a suicide bomber.

Notwithstanding the fact that many impostors have hijacked religion for personal gain, religion still remains the best answer to a world in search of meaning. It ministers specifically to the soul because it acknowledges its existence and incorporeal cravings. It recognizes that there’s a difference between sleep and rest. Antidepressants or sedatives may induce sleep but rest flows from a healthy soul. The latter is the territory of religion; specifically the Judeo-Christian religion.

Given the staggering new survey from UK it is safe to say that we should expect more suicide cases, more radicalization for ideological purposes, more failed marriages, more psychotic mass shootings etc in the nearest future.

Unless the West finds a creative way to go back to its Judeo-Christian founding notwithstanding public opinion to the contrary, the souls of its youths would be a fertile soil for all kinds of wicked scheming. If they truly believe that their lives are meaningless and purposeless, they would owe it to themselves to create one. And nobody can say what that ‘one’ would be.



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