Where Is Black Power When You Need It?


Where Is Black Power When You Need It?

What is fascinating the most about Black Supremacists (particularly in South Africa) is that, everything they say sounds plausible and indeed convincing until you step outside the South African border.

One may also argue that, they sound very convincing until they catch a taxi from Braamforntein, to Soweto and get mugged or raped by a Black man who has no time for English or a degree from Wits, shatters all their delusions about White Supremacy.

The moment they leave the South African border, they quickly realise that not only are their enemies, the White population, non-existent in all spheres of these country’s society.

Millions of Blacks are leaving their home countries, families and loved ones to become refugees in South Africa.

Simply because their own counties have been wrecked so badly by inadequate, vile and corrupt Blacks in government, that is better to wonder about other countries, looking for a better life.

Instead of being subjected to your own government who would be happier to see you dead (it’d mean less problems for them) or malnutrition or on the verge of death through diseases caused and exacerbated by poverty.

Mind you, these problems in these independent African counties came into existence the moment they gained their independence. You can look at Zimbabwe, the DRC or even Somalia.

The latter’s (Somalia) situation is so bad that they have three enemies (two are Black and one is raceless) they have to face on a day to day basis.

One is their failed, useless and extremely detrimental (to the wellbeing of Somalis) central government which collapsed in 1991, being preceded by civil/clan wars and to never recover again.

The second being famine, which corners the lives of 6.7 million people out of a total population of 12 million with food insecurity.

That is to say, they lack reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable and nutritious food. And a majority of them are children.

1.4 million children under five in Somalia are acutely malnourished. Of this number, an estimated 275,000 risk death, unless they receive urgent medical attention. Due to Somalia’s a weak central government, the country is unable to provide law and order and as a result, basic services during a time of crisis.

The third threat is terrorist groups like Al Shabab, who controls large territories in Somalia, particularly Mogadishu.

They are a militant Islamist group that opposes the Somali government but has also carried out attacks throughout East Africa. Over the years, they have killed and bombed hundreds of people, both in Kenya and in Somalia.

In 2017 alone, the Somalian government blamed them for bombing and killing at least 500 people in a huge truck bombing in the capital Mogadishu in October 2017.

It was East Africa’s deadliest bombing. Al-Shabab, however, did not claim responsibility for it.

They did confirm carrying out a massive attack on a Kenyan military base in Somalia’s el-Ade town in January 2016, killing, according to Somalia’s then-President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, about 180 soldiers. The Kenyan military disputed the number, but refused to give a death toll.

Which brings us to yesterday events in Nairobi, where the same group of terrorists have attacked a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi, killing at least 15 people, while 30 people are being injured.

This is in spite of Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i saying that the situation was under control and the country is safe, just a few hours earlier. “Terrorism will never defeat us.” He told reporters.

Only for more attacks to be launched later, which garnered the attention of the world, since videos of people running from attacks became viral.

Now, where are our faithfully vigilant Black Supremacists like Syrupy Cyril and his venereal diseased political prostitutes from the EFF/BLF when you need them the most?

Where Is the White man to blame this time?

It’s because the moment the blame they place on Whites is viciously advanced by Blacks who are ready to slaughter them quicker than they loot money from unthinking Black South Africans.

They hide like malnorished township dogs do at the sound fire crackers every New Years Eve.

They have no interest in Africa, much less Rebuilding it.

The only interest they have is maximise the size of their bellies and boast to lazy Blacks (who refuse to see the World as it is) that they are working very hard to maximize theirs!

You think Julius Malema would take a bullet for an African like Mandela took 27 years for the Liberation of South Africa? Of course not!

He’d rather get down on his knees and take money from known criminals, in addition to stealing from VBS, where poor Blacks from his own hometown bank.

Vuka Mzantsi! Vuka Africa!

For How Long Shall You Be Unworthy To Those You Keep In Power?


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