White Engineers must step in and rescue Eskom or the imminent Blackout will be terrible

White engineers and foreign engineers were listed to be brought into Eskom to save the entity.

South Africa at the moment, faces a high risk of rolling blackouts, with an attendant consequence of desperation.


The current crisis in the South Africa power utility company Eskom has been blamed on several factors, including but not limited to gross maladministration, crass nepotism and humongous corruption.

Loss-making Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., which loses money despite generating more than 90 percent of the country’s electricity, has been flagged by ratings companies as a key risk to South Africa’s economy as it grapples with issues from insipid demand to unsustainable debt. Workers are protesting Eskom’s refusal to pay performance bonuses.

Already overtures have been made to recruit foreign engineers to wheel the strategic entity out of the present state.

To this end many South Africans opposed the idea, arguing that the country is blessed with domestic engineers that can get the job done, if given the opportunity.

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Afriforum has already stepped in to help workers that were sacked by Eskom, get their jobs  back.


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