White SABC field reporter banned for reporting farm attacks

Close sources  have hinted of  an undercover private investigation of the alleged ban related to her coverage of farm murder.

According to a disturbing report, a white SABC journalist, name withheld, who is a field journalist at SABC said she was told to stop covering farm attacks and farm murders by her superiors.

She has being working with the media body for several years.

She said she had submitted more than 5 farm attacks exclusive news in the past 4 month and they were not aired on radio or broad casted on TV.  When she asked why her reports never reached the people her bosses told her that her reports are not good for the country’s image and told her to never bother with farm attacks.

It would also be recalled that a video by Maimane is being barred to be aired by the SABC recently.

The ANC and EFF are serious about amending the Constitution to allow for Expropriation Without Compensation. They want the State to own all land and for citizens to rent their homes and land for life.


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  1. Keep speaking…it’s a God given right. No one can stop us unless we allow it…

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