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“Whites have got two passports. They are half South African and half British. They can leave quietly.” Malema

The EFF leader has warned white South Africans who will vote for the ANC that Ramaphosa is going to be removed.

“DD [Mabuza] is going to be put in as the president. We are in trouble.”

The ANC’s Gauteng internal research poll revealed that the party’s support among white people had increased since Ramaphosa was elected ANC president in 2017.

Malema said there was an “arrogance” among white South Africans because they regarded Ramaphosa as “their man”.

“Cyril is not a Pan Africanist. He has a pro-white agenda. That is why there is a huge increase in white arrogance,” he said.

Malema said the ANC under Ramaphosa, when it speaks to white people, was speaking to DA policies.

“We wanted to amend the Constitution as in yesterday, we are very clear with what we want to do. The ANC, when they meet white people, they speak DA policies and when they meet black people, they speak EFF policies. There is a general confusion in Thuma Mina, their land position is confused. We do not want to work with the ANC because they are confused,” he said.

Malema said the confusion around the direction which the ANC should take has given Ramaphosa’s enemies ammunition to remove him.

He also took aim at white South Africans, saying the only crime he committed in South Africa was to demand that the white minority must come down from their high horse and humble themselves.

“I am not begging white people to stay here. They have got two passports. They are half South African and half British. They can leave quietly.”

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