‘Whites never brought crime to South Africa’

In what appears to be a fresh rebuttal,  the South African Police Service (SAPS) has condemned a quote falsely attributed to police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole, calling it fake news.

A story circulating on social media quotes Sitole as saying “white people brought crime to South Africa”, among other things.

“The SAPS can state categorically that the utterances attributed to the National Commissioner are untrue, the police say.

“These utterances are clearly aimed at portraying the National Commissioner in a negative light as well as to undermine excellent collaboration between the SAPS and Community toward the fight against crime. These continuous fake news postings should be condemned in the strongest possible way.”

The SAPS calls on all who have published, seen or received the false news article, to ignore it and to refrain from sharing or disseminating false information.


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