Why are tax payers paying for Malemas’ security?

Following the blue light security reportedly detailed for Economic Freedom Fighter EFF leader Julius Malema, more and more South Africans are questioning the reason why tax payers money should be used to provide security for the CIC when millions are exposed to daily insecurity in the country.

It is even more worrisome because he Malema can be associated with making speeches capable of breaching security in the country.

On Tuesday that Malema’s car had been “seen escorted by a white BMW sedan with blue lights in and around Parliament last week”.

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi toldjournalist  that threats had been made against Malema.

“The police made their independent assessments and arrived at the same conclusion as we did – that is‚ his life is under threat,” Ndlozi reportedly said.

Some of the those who reacted to news360.co.za were contending that the opposition leader has on different occasions  apparently instigated insecurity through his unending racist and hate speeches.

The brunt of insecurity is evidently been  borne by the helpless masses.

It is even more concerning as the EFF is capable affording their security cost.



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