Why is the EFF/Malema’s revolution always about bloodshed & violence?


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has been making headlines since last weekend, spearheading fierce attack against seasoned journalist Karima Brown.

The radical, ultra-left red berets — who earned their reputation as a protest movement through their parliamentary antics and violent student protests, among other things — have brought their fight back to the streets after a string of successful legal crusades last year.

Why is it that –years  of being at the forefront of historic court cases that led to votes of no confidence being held by secret ballot and to Parliament being forced to review its rules for impeachment — has the EFF again resorted to rabble-rousing?

Party’s radical leader Julius Malema employs blunt and abusive rhetorics to intimidate others who are not alligned to his leftist views and political orientation. Which is where his teeming supporters draw their persuasion and desperation from.


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