Woman Burnt To Death In House Fire at Riyadh – KZN


Woman Killed In House Fire: Riyadh – KZN

A 53 year old woman was burnt to death in a fire at her home on Charnwood Drive in Riyadh this morning (Monday).

At approximately 00:51 the Reaction Unit South Africa Verulam Operations Center received a call from a resident in the area reporting a fire at a neighbouring property. Upon arrival a 34 year old man explained that he was asleep in the basement of the house when he heard his mother screaming for help.

Upon his investigation he noticed part of their home engulfed in flames. His mother was trapped in her bedroom and attempts to free her failed due to the heat and extensive smoke.

The Ethekwini Fire & Rescue Services arrived on scene a short while later and extinguished the blaze. The woman’s body was discovered in her bedroom covered in a pile of debris. She had suffered extensive burns to her body.

A parrafin lamp which was used by the deceased due to them not having electricity is suspected to be the cause of the fire however this is yet to be confirmed. Her 34 year old son sustained lacerations to both his arms while attempting to free his mother from the inferno.

Police are investigating further.


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