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Wow!! SA lady Found R38 Million In Their Backyard…this may be the most interesting article that you ever read


Jessica and Matt Nel from Capetown
If you live in South Africa, this may be the most interesting article that you ever read.

Matt Nel, a doctorate student from The University of South Africa, story is going viral after his girlfriend, Jessica, found over 38 Million Rand in her closet. Matt became a millionaire almost overnight after he and another student created an automated bitcoin trading platform called”Bitcoin Trader”. As his bank balance began to grow, Matt decided to take most of it out and hide it in his girlfriends closet. Last week, Jessica found the money, and Matt was forced to tell her about his new software program. The idea is simple: Allow the average person to participate in the Bitcoin boom – even if there is little money for an investment or know-how.

“Bitcoin Trader.” is a trading platform with exclusive access to 100’s of cryptocurrencies. An algorithm developed by the two friends, uses an advanced algorithm that trades crypto currency on autopilot. It buys crypto currency when it’s low, and sells when it’s high.

The average user makes R 70,000 by their 2nd week and usually starts with the minimum investment of R 3,100.



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