You are a fraud, Mr Malema, says historian


You are a con, Mr Malema, and the tragedy is that there are people who fall for your vile and populace drivel, writes Robin Binckes.

You are a foreigner, Mr Malema. Not by birth but by thought and vitriol. You do not belong here but rather on the scrapheaps of history with the Hitlers, Idi Amins, Pol Pots and Mugabes.

You are a foreigner to the decent people of this country, black, white, coloured and Indian.

Despite what you believe we are not frightened of you. Rather, we are dismayed that you have been so successful in conning those with little or nothing into thinking that you are one of them whilst you live in the home of a self acknowledged white capitalist crook, tax evader and cigarette smuggler who costs this  country millions in unpaid taxes.

Your son goes to private school, whilst your followers battle to pay the relatively low government school fees. Your family allegedly benefitted from the money stolen from VBS Mutual Bank which belonged to the very people you claim to represent. You and your fancy dress party alleged benefitted financially from illicit and illegal money and you are now implicated in illegal tenders with the City of Johannesburg.

You are a con, Mr Malema, and the tragedy is that there are people who fall for your vile and populace drivel. You use words designed to inflame such as “fight”, “white”, “dog”, “bastard” and “war”.

You talk of war, Mr Malema? Have you ever seen war? War means twisted bodies, death in the streets, necklacing, children killed, families split apart, poverty, bloodshed, homes lost and heartbreak for all. There are no winners in war. War is not the bullying you and your blind followers perpetrate. You talk of war as if it is a game of soccer. You have never seen a war, Mr Malema. If you had, you wouldn’t be so fond of the idea.

You and your party in your red berets pretend to model yourselves on some kind of Che Guevara and talk revolution and speak as if you are a revolutionary. What a joke. You are a rabble-rouser, Mr Malema, not a revolutionary.

You are an anachronism and try by clever words to be associated with the students of 1976. You weren’t even born then and if you had been old enough would you have had the courage to be part of the student uprising? I doubt it because people like you are cowards and thugs as the trashing and looting of Vodacom stores, the trashing of Charlotte Maxeke hospital and the trashing of H&M stores illustrate.

You played no part in the struggle for freedom. You were 13 years old when Nelson Mandela was sworn in as president of the republic, yet you imply by your words and association with the late Winnie Mandela that you were part of the struggle. You are a fraud, Mr Malema.

You try to divide us. Out of your mouth spews words of hate and racism. You are as big a threat to this country’s future as the Guptas were. The high level of crime and lawlessness currently being experienced in our country is a direct result of the hate and divide you preach. You mix with gangsters as your friends, you attempt to protect those who have robbed this country of billions of Rands and their allies and yet you call yourself a South African?

South Africa belongs to all, Mr Malema. Have you heard those words before? But it belongs to the majority of people who wish to work together to build a new and vibrant multi-racial society. To people who wish to live side by side in harmony, looking forward, not stuck in the past as you are – a past that you were not even part of.

I admired your determination to study for and achieve a degree. What a shame that you do not apply your intelligence on building a society rather than destroying it. Or do you, like Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, plan to destroy everything?

You don’t belong here, Mr Malema. South Africans are proud of our country – you make us ashamed.

– Binckes is a South African history guide. He is a well known public speaker and writes on South African history.

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