Young Girl Kills Herself: Her Dad invites her bullies to the funeral through a heartbreaking message


“Speak, even if your voice shakes.”

This was the message that was written above a painting that Amy “Dolly” Everett had created of a thin figure bending over backward that her father, Tick Everett chose to share with the world after Dolly tragically took her life at the beginning of this year.

When Dolly was 6 years old, she got offered a modeling contract and was photographed wearing an iconic Australian Akubra hat, a style of hat that’s best known for its symbolism of unspoiled country wilderness. Dolly’s darling smile became the face of the company and the photo was spread all throughout the country.

Though her photogenic fame brought a lot of fortune into the lives of Dolly and her family, over the following 8 years of her young life, Dolly’s parents watched as she shifted from a funny, outgoing girl to an anxious, reserved pre-teen who no longer wanted to go to school or talk to anyone.

As it turns out, the driving force behind Dolly’s gradual withdrawal from the bright young spirit she used to be was the brutal bullying she was subjected to that seemed to grow in intensity along with the fame of her photo.

Though her parents picked up on some of the bullyings that were being directed towards her, the degree of bullying Dolly was receiving on social media wasn’t clear to them until far too late.

On January 3, 2018, Dolly committed suicide and her parents spent what they refer to as the “longest night” of their lives waiting on their farm for medical help to arrive and help them with their lifeless child.

After the tragic and traumatic event, Dolly’s father, Tick posted an image of that bent figure painting along with a message of his own, saying, This powerful message tells us about the dark, scary place our beautiful angel had traveled to.”



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