Zim economy collapses, heavy protest for return of white farmers

The expulsion of white farmers by the totalitarian regime of former president Robert Mugabe has been said to be the catalyst of the recent economic misfortune.

From Harare, a mammoth crowd of Zimbabweans are gathering for a nationwide protest over the country’s economic collapse and what the opposition calls the new government’s “cocktail of lies.”

Many are of the opinion that had Robert Mugabe not taken land from white farmers, the country would have been saved from the brink of collapse.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is under growing pressure one year after taking office following the removal of longtime leader Robert Mugabe. Tensions remain high after July’s disputed election that Mnangagwa narrowly won.

Zimbabwean police monitor protestors take part in a demonstration in Harare.

Zimbabwe’s government is struggling to even arrange a reliable currency as many citizens in the southern African nation say they’ve seen no progress on promises of “jobs, job, jobs.”

There is heavy security in the capital, Harare, as opposition supporters sing anti-government songs.


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