Zimbabwean EFF appeals to Whites and coloured SA citizens to vote for EFF on #Elections2019

As the electioneering campaign winds up, the Zimbabwean EFF has urged White and coloured  South Africans to vote for the EFF ahead of the May 8 general elections.

The party which is based in Zimbabwe drew its inspiration for its establishment from South Africa’s EFF. It has the same ideologies and far-left politics as the South African party. 
The party said in a statement on Tuesday that the EFF was the only answer for South Africans as the 25 years after democracy the “economic emancipation” had not been achieved. 
“We as the Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters endorse and share EFF’s vision to deliver hope and inspiration to the people of South Africa, the continent and beyond. The struggle for economic freedom and economic emancipation is for all black people in the continent and beyond,” the party said. 
“It is 25 years since South Africa attained political independence, tragically the political freedom has not translated into visible economic emancipation for the majority of South African particularly Black South Africans.”
The party said the choice for voters was clear as the ANC had failed to deliver. 
“South Africa is at the crossroads, the country is at the cusps of history. The people of South Africa have clear choices in this election. They can choose more of the same represented by the underachieving ANC, nolstagic of the basskaap years DA or the progressive, transformative and radical EFF,” said the party. 
It has called on those former Zimbabwean who eligible to vote, to vote for the EFF. 
“Zim EFF, here and now call upon, compatriots of Zimbabwean origin eligible to vote in South Africa in the coming elections to vote for EFF,” it said.

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