Zimbabwean white farmers drags SA Government to court, demands R2 billion for compensation.

A report in Afrikaans weekly journal today reveals that at least 10 farmers plan to put in a compensation claim for nearly R2 billion against the South African taxpayer over their losses in Zimbabwe.

They reportedly served notice to the government on Friday of their plan to claim R1.9 billion for the SA state’s complicity in their suffering.

The 10 farmers are among an estimated 4,000 white farmers who lost their land to land grabs in the neighbouring country over the past two decades. The amount of R1.9 billion is based on the lost value of their properties and the trauma associated with it.

The white farmers are unhappy that Zuma was complicit in stripping the SADC Tribunal of its powers to hear the claims of individuals.

AfriForum’s CEO, Kallie Kriel, said after the ruling that he would consult Zimbabwean farmers on taking the South African government to court to claim compensation.

“Now that the highest court in South Africa has found that Zuma, as head of state, had acted unlawfully to the detriment of Zimbabwean farmers, it means that the South African government could be held liable for the losses suffered by farmers because of South Africa’s action to suspend the activities of the SADC Tribunal,” he said.


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