Zodwa Wababtu announces that the wedding bells are no longer ringing


After everything, Zodwa Wabantu has decided to call off her marriage. Just a couple weeks ago, Zodwa asked her bae to marry her, but now she has changed her mind.

Zodwa is not a woman who plays around.

When she asked Linda to marry her she was being genuine; however, something changed her mind.

Zodwa’s proposal sparked much social media drama.

However, she did not back out of it because of others’ opinions. Zodwa and Linda’s relationship has always been viewed from a skewed.

Zodwa took to social media to announce that the wedding is off, and it seems like her relationship is too.

No one knows exactly what happened, but Zodwa did tell Daily Sun that she has taken a step back from her relationship as it was causing her too much stress.

The Vosho Queen expressed that she has reached her limit with taxing relationships and that it is time for her to focus on herself. According to Zodwa, both her and Linda agreed to the separation and are taking time to work on their individual issues.


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